Friday, December 28, 2007

Lily Allen

This song from Lily Allen always give me buena onda. Mi mamá plays this video and for some reason I stop crying and start bobbing mi cabeza to the music.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Elfin´ it up!

Mi familia y yo dancing a little Christmas jig!

Pirates & Mermaids

After Julio Bocca retirement, there is a new raising star on dancing, mi brother is the little guy who throws his hat down and shimmies with the mermaids.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Siesta Stories

Mi mamá reads mi blog entries because mis viejos have not buy mi any story books yet, well in engrish anyways. 99 has been posting her chats with her vaca Negrita. Negrita is upset with how new crops are destroying the Pampas and with this ways of gaucho life are disappearing . ¿What is Argentina without her gauchos?! Soulless I tell you, it is what give our great country it´s mysticism along with Tango! I wish Negrita´s stories were cautionary tales, but sadly they are not. This is why I cry for two days straight, not because I am being Diva Porteña like mi mamá thinks.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My First Big Outing

The last couple of days have been hectic, but lucky for mi sometimes I get to sleep through most of it. Mi mamá says you need to accept that to get things done here it can take two tries (or more), so you need to take this advice or else la vida will make you craze (as mi papi says). Yesterday we went to apply for my D.N.I, which is our National Identity Document, but oops.... somebody who was helping us apply for this forgot to bring theirs. ¡Qué lastima!

Entonces, mi papi took mi mami and yo to FUNDALAM, a place where mamis learn to nurse their babies. Mi papi is always taking good care of mi mami and me, and thinking of things like this.

FUNDALAM is a little oasis in the barrio of Nuñez at the end of Cabildo, so it is very easy to get to. No appointment is necessary and papis are welcome too! Of course if another lady shows up the papis have to wait in the reception.

The very nice lady who taught us, Montse actually spoke very good english, she told us how she loved her work and it showed. She checked the quality of mi mamás milk (very good) and mi sucking techniques (really good), and showed us various pumps that are on the market, and mami tried all to find the one she liked. Of course mami liked the industrial milking machine that must cost several thousand pesos. Montse also showed mami all the various postions in which to make feeding me most comfortable for all.

Here are the Secrets to Breast Feeding directly from Montse:

1) Feed baby 9 times a day
2) Change position when she falls asleep
3) Pull her chin down when she doesn´t suck
4) Put finger in her mouth to disengage nipple to avoid injury
5) Always use calendula cream on nipples after feedings

This visit was the most wonderful part of the day, as the beginning was quite stressy. You know what it is like trying to get important documents paper stuff done. oh yes and if you do visit, remember that it is run by donation, so please be generous if you can!

Well telling you about these secret techniques reminds me to put them into practice, so I will have to tell you about todays adventures manaña!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

Welcome to my first blog. Mi mamá y papá will be helping me type this as I am not very good yet. Mi mama´s family lives far far away and this is the best way for them to get to know me and watch me grow up. Plus mi tío Hernán is moving away too to Patagonia soon. This is where the Peques live. Do you know who the Peques are? My brother Toto loves watching the Peques. Mamá says I look like a cross between a Peque and an Oompa Loompa because I have orange skin. Sometimes she can be kind of mean, but this is the Tango Gods´way of getting back at her for making fun of Flaco Dany and his orange skin I guess.
Anyhow I need some leche, chau!

Bienvenidos a mi primer blog. Mis papás me van a ayudar a escribirlo porque todavía no tipeo muy bien. La familia de máma vive muy muy lejos y es la mejor manera que tienen de conocerme y verme crecer. Además, mi tío Hernán pronto se muda a la Patagonia. Es donde viven los Peques . ¿Saben quiénes son? A mi hermano Toto le encanta verlos. Mamá dice que parezco una cruza entre una Peque y un Oompa Loompa porque tengo piel anaranjada. A veces ella es media guacha, y creo que es la manera que los Dioses del Tango decidieron devolverle el haberse reído del Flaco Dany y su color de bronceado. Bueno, me voy a comer, chau!