Friday, February 22, 2008

¡The Best Story Ever!

Okay, listen carefully because I am going to tell you my favorite story ever!

In a far far away place called Argentinaland liv-ed a mono pelado. He was a happy mono, eating bananas with dulce de leche, drinking mate, scratching his cola, you know doing cosas de monos. Then one day, out of the blue when he was out exploring the wild night life of the concrete jungle of Argentinaland mono pelado spotted a strange breed of mono! A mono extranjera with wavy red fur who did not speak the same mono language as mono pelado. Regardless of their poor language communication skills mono pelado and mono extranjera were always laughing, eating strange foreign foods; such as spicy vindaloo curry that mono extranjera would cook for mono pelado and he would feed her with his feet (an amazing skill you must admit!) his favorite dessert banana with dulce de leche and picking nits off each others back. Quickly mono pelado and mono extranjera fell in amor. And the World became just a teensy bit better for it.


extranjera-foreign woman,

dulce de leche-an unctuous and sweet spread made from milk used on everything

mate-an herbal drink that Argentines love and Uruguayans love even more. Tastes like a dirty ashtray, but unlike cigarettes it is really good for you!

cola-a more polite form than culo, which is a bum not the tramp bum, but bottom bum
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008


Quiero say un gracias grande to mi papi y mami´s compañeros de trabajo! The plata they collected for me when I was born-ed went towards buying mi a new coche. ¡Mi new coche is genial (cool), and all tricked out with juguetes (toys)! There is even a space for mamis and papis for their take away coffee, but since this is Argentina, there really isn´t such a thing as take away coffee, so mi mamá plans to put Gel de Alcohol Etílico in there instead, por que all la gente de Buenos Aires, keeps touching mi gorgeous self con manos sucias! Well chau, tengo hambre. Time for leche!

En casteshano sería algo como:
Gracias a los compañeros de trabajo de mis papás. La plata que me regalaron cuando nací fue para comprarme un cochecito. ¡Es genial y está tunneado con chiches! Tiene porta vasos para llevar café, pero como en Argentina la gente no acostumbra a tomar café andando por la calle, mi vieja pensó en poner un dispenser de gel de alcohol, porque todo el mundo se la pasa tocando mi hermoso cuerpo con las manos sucias. Bueno, chau, tengo hambre. A tomar la leche!
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tia Tina

Tia Tina is in town! Yay! I am so happy to finally see her and she brought gifts from Tango Goddesses from around the globe. Good things like books in inglés for children and a mono tambíen!

Mañana, tia Tina had mi mamá y yo over for lunch, which was very delicious by the way, and then we did a long walk from Congreso to the chi chi barrio Recoleta to look at a new shoe store. The shoes were very well made, but meh, did not give mi tia y mi mamá heart palpatations so no new shoes for them!
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It Has Been Awhile

I guess you may have wonder where I have been, as I have not blogg-ed in many days. Sí, drinking leche takes up most of my time, because as you know it helps babies grow big. I grewed 8 centimetres in two months and gained 1.65 kilos. For most porteñas gaining 1.65 kilos would be a tragedy and they would never indulge themselves in leche or anytype of food again except for Ser productos. Of course the more curves I have these days, the more becoming I am! Anyhoodles, as mi mamá says, I unfortunately had another short hospital stay. So again I had to become a human pin cushion, for the doctors to collect cultivos. Mi Doctor says it is just unfortunate I have gotten sick twice in a month, and not due to a weak immune system.

Mi mamá y yo (y sometimes mi papá) stay-ed at Clínica Bazterrica.
It was like staying at a cinco estrella hotel, even the food was delicious!

Mí mamá felt quite nostalgic for Canada, as it seemed as though every movie we watched on the T.V. was made in Vancouver. Also in the mornings her friend and Vancouver yoga guru Kate Potter´s yoga program was on not just once but twice in the mornings on Infinito!

Mis viejos y yo would like to thank Dra. Domingues y her team in Pediátria for making our stay wonderful as a stay in a hospital could be.

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